Family: Betzabhe & Anthony

This was a fantastic shoot of a fun beautiful mom and her very dreamy, shy and no less beautiful son. Watch out, girls, when he grows up, you’ll remember my words! )) This photoshoot also happened in Puerto Aventuras in January. We explored a beautiful beach, had some fun at Bamboo cafe and then at the school playground. This photoshoot lasted for 3 hours, and I was really happy it did, it is my favorite duration, and here’s why.
Best shots rarely happen in the first ten minutes, although they certainly may. However, back in the days of film portrait photographers often wouldn’t put in the film into the camera in the first 30 minutes. Professionals models immediately know what to do, but most of us who show up in front of the camera very occasionally – whether we like it or not, we end up feeling shy when suddenly a long lens is being pointed at us (that includes myself as well!). And for most of us it takes time getting used to the rhythm and flow of the shoot. Just like an orchestra gets together before the concert for a rehearsal, like athletes that warm up before their performance, model and photographer need time to get to know each other’s ways. With full three hours there is nowhere to hurry, no stress, just playful time with those you love and enough opportunities to shoot a variety of real – not acted! – emotions and the soul of the person.

Four hours plus photoshoots are also fun, but more so with professional models and more advanced light setups, as people who are not very experienced with posing in front of the camera – especially kids – tend to start getting tired past three hour mark.  Which didn’t happen during this photoshoot, as we stopped right when everybody was still fulll of energy and excitement.

Written by Dasha Gaian