Omar, Melissa and Maddie

I often get really lucky with my photoshoots, but this time it was not only a really beautiful family, but also the light and the location worked really well to our advantage! I do get both excited and slightly anxious photographing other photographers, but working with Melissa and her family was absolutely fantastic and easy: they really knew what they were doing, and it really helps when your “models” have extended experience in front of the camera as well, so we didn’t need a lot of words to understand each other really well. Thank you guys for a wonderful shoot!

It also felt really good to go back to Puerto Aventuras, a lovely beach community on the Carribean coast of Mexico where we lived for 8 months earlier in 2011. The beach we chose for sunset shots was just perfect: beautiful, with white sand creating diffused light, yet fairly secluded, as we walked for a few minutes away from the best spots for swimming.

Written by Dasha Gaian