Snap Fitness

Since David and I moved back to the U.S., we decided to spend the first few months out in the woods in Northern Minnesota where his family has had a cabin since the 1960s. Living in the tropics for the past few years, we were really missing snow and freezing weather, so this was a perfect arrival spot. During the summer and fall we were going jogging outside and taking canoe rides on the lake, however, when real winter came, we had to think of something both for exercise and to have a reason to get out of the house and see other people regularly, as for now we are both working from home. We set out to find a gym that would look good, have friendly supportive staff, a variety of modern machines (including a high quality treadmill), and free weights. That’s how we settled on Snap Fitness in Pequot Lakes.

When we were filling out sign up sheets, and I mentioned “photography” as in occupation, it turned out that the club was in need of some staff headshots. A lot of my studio gear is still in storage in Oregon, so I had to improvise a bit, but with creativity and some post-processing I was able to capture the smiley faces of Snap Fitness friendly staff. Here is the result. And, as expected, we not only survived the long winter (which, by the way, is still happening, it snowed today!), but we also improved our strength and endurance, toned up our muscles, and are still going there three times a week, even though we bit the bullet and started enjoying brisk outdoor runs on days when we don’t go to the gym.

Written by Dasha Gaian