Kori: Exploration of the Invisible

I’ve always thought that the main difference between painting/drawing and photography is the fact that photography mainly depicts physical reality while you could paint whatever you want. The more I did both, the more I realized that photography is nothing but painting with light on a camera sensor, and so came my first experiments with capturing the unseen, opening the curtain to the invisible, bringing poetry and imagination into the shot, using the camera as a way to transition into the witness position, getting out of the way, letting the divine creative Force flow freely, observing and loving What Is without judgement. Embracing long exposure, playing with light and shadow, glare and focal length, distorting the realism of a shot just enough to capture the transient moment of the here-now and the fleeting nature of the most mysterious jewel of all, that which never moves and never changes – pure Awareness.

This was our third photoshoot with gorgeous Kori Lynn, and I will happily share the shots from the first two: they are beautiful and mostly “straightforward” portraits, just as the rest of the shots from this short mini-session at her Sedona home, while these images have much more of a dreamy, fantasy quality, revealing the true meaning of “painting with light”.

I will be sharing much more in the coming weeks about some new exciting directions Dasha Gaian Photography will be heading, and let this be a sneak-peak into what is to come.







Written by Dasha Gaian