When I don’t read the news, life is miraculous, amazing, full of magic and happy moments, beautiful nature, wonderful people, and timely coincidences. I’m well on my way to achieving my dreams, optimistic about the future, and accepting of whatever challenges I encounter along the way (they make me stronger).

When I read the news, or when I read people I know writing about the news, especially if their opinions are not balanced but are formed by cheap and evil, but apparently effective, propaganda, I encounter fear, anger, despair, and disbelief. Following the current events takes a lot of my time and energy, that I could have otherwise invested into achieving my dreams.

The solution seems obvious – stop reading the news, unsubscribe from all feeds of people who share them (my friends and family), but it is not really a solution, it is more of a cowardly denial, an ostrich tactic, hiding my head in the sands of this paradisiacal little town, ignoring the dangers my friends and family are facing in lands I used to consider home.

A gorgeous woman I met yesterday who left Iran years ago found middle ground, she only talks to her family and friends and ignores the news (can’t blame her!). I don’t know if this would work for me, I want to know what is going on in the world, I want to know where our collective human animal is evolving towards.

Most of all, I want peace and happiness for all.

And, really, I’m confused as to what I can do to make that happen. Probably just write about my daily experiences in a peaceful happy place, and about my dreams for the world.

Written by Dasha Gaian