Kori: Exploration of the Invisible

I’ve always thought that the main difference between painting/drawing and photography is the fact that photography mainly depicts physical reality while you could paint whatever you want. The more I did both, the more I realized that photography is nothing but painting with light on a camera sensor, and so came my first experiments with capturing the unseen, opening the curtain to the invisible, bringing poetry and imagination into the shot, using the camera as a way to transition into the witness position, getting out of the way, letting the divine creative Force flow freely, observing and loving What Is without judgement. Embracing long exposure, playing with light and shadow, glare and focal length, distorting the realism of a shot just enough to capture the transient moment of the here-now and the fleeting nature of the most mysterious jewel of all, that which never moves and never changes – pure Awareness.

This was our third photoshoot with gorgeous Kori Lynn, and I will happily share the shots from the first two: they are beautiful and mostly “straightforward” portraits, just as the rest of the shots from this short mini-session at her Sedona home, while these images have much more of a dreamy, fantasy quality, revealing the true meaning of “painting with light”.

I will be sharing much more in the coming weeks about some new exciting directions Dasha Gaian Photography will be heading, and let this be a sneak-peak into what is to come.







Northern Lights over the Lake

I have not had a chance to see Northern Lights since Alaska, an I had no idea they can even happen so far South. Yet, low and behold, one day they appeared, reflecting in the lake, in all their radiant glory. The fall has really kicked in, and the temp was almost freezing, but I loved hanging out on a dock for a while, capturing the beauty and the mystery of pulsating, dancing, glowing skies. I still have no idea what is that circular magnetic-looking distortion, have not gotten those in any other of my starry landscapes.

After there were enough shots of the skies, I decided to play around with some selfies too. Love those! 🙂 Continue reading “Northern Lights over the Lake”


So great to be taking photos of amazing kids like Meadow: I was able to accompany her bright bubbling joyful spirit, creative young mind, and generous friendly personality, to be a kid again even for a short while, playing in the jungle gym, swaying on a swing, while taking pictures of the fun I was experiencing myself.


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Chasing Deer at Dusk

Here in the Northern woods deer is a pretty common occurrence, one really has to be careful driving at dusk not to hit one. However, taking shots of them is difficult, especially without a quality telephoto lens (which I never needed or used much, preferring the spaciousness of wide-angle and accuracy of a 50mm) as they usually try to run away as fast as they can as soon as they see you. Shooting a running deer in low light conditions is not the easiest thing in the world, but as we saw a bunch of them one day driving by, I decided to go ahead and try anyway, just for fun and for personal memories. As a bonus, a couple of squirrel shots of our little furry neighbor here that was smart enough to knock the bird feeder off deck to get to some seeds.

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Snap Fitness

Since David and I moved back to the U.S., we decided to spend the first few months out in the woods in Northern Minnesota where his family has had a cabin since the 1960s. Living in the tropics for the past few years, we were really missing snow and freezing weather, so this was a perfect arrival spot. During the summer and fall we were going jogging outside and taking canoe rides on the lake, however, when real winter came, we had to think of something both for exercise and to have a reason to get out of the house and see other people regularly, as for now we are both working from home. We set out to find a gym that would look good, have friendly supportive staff, a variety of modern machines (including a high quality treadmill), and free weights. That’s how we settled on Snap Fitness in Pequot Lakes. Continue reading “Snap Fitness”


A few weeks ago I photographed a lovely beautiful couple, Kelly and Keven, parents-to-be, as their newest addition to the family was still hidden under mysterious veils of a mother’s belly. Low and behold, Arlo has arrived into this world. It wasn’t until he was 2 months old that I could make it to Minneapolis and photograph this adorable new human, with wisdom in his eyes way beyond his years (actually, weeks).

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Love Story: Bob & Thomasina

Normally this type of photoshoot would be called “engagement”, but, in my opinion, it places an unnecessary limit. You don’t have to be engaged to give yourself and someone you love the gift of a photoshoot that captures your love – and your unique story. Bob & Thomasina have been happily married for years, and they have two beautiful kids (who I also photographed and will show in upcoming posts), yet it is fun sometimes to let the little ones have some time with grandparents and take a drive to visit funny friends who live “up north”. We took hikes through the forest searching for medicinal chaga mushroom that grows on birches and also used some of our time to create these images. The indoor ones were taken in my home studio that I recently set up, and the outdoor ones – in the nearby forests.

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Maternity: Kelly & Keven

Here’s why I love my work: I get to capture wonderful people experiencing those special life moments that fly by so quickly and will be alive only in memory and in pictures. Pregnancy is such a beautiful time in a woman’s life, it is the time when her femininity is at its fullest, the time when miracle of human life is brought into this world. This collection of photos was taken on two different occasions. First four shots were from a short photoshoot that happened during Kelly’s Baby Shower – we simply walked outside for a few minutes and captured the last few radiant rays of golden autumn sun. The rest of the images were taken at Kelly and Keven’s home. They were absolutely wonderful to work with, so graceful, elegant, and in love.  Continue reading “Maternity: Kelly & Keven”